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Little M. a.k.a. Little Z. [Rigby Idaho Newborn Photographer]

This sweet little boy has been a part of my photography sessions multiple times, and I just love documenting his journey. What a tender moment this is for Little Z. to be holding a replica of his daddy's fingers. This was such a momentous session. More to come and some amazing pictures!


I want to share something very special and amazing with you! I was lucky enough to help out my friend who needed a family picture without all her members physically present. About 7 Months I took Little Miss L's birthday pictures, and with the ENTIRE family physically there (except Little M) I offered to take a famil...y picture. However, mom and dad both wanted to wait until Little M. arrived. How I wished I would have took that picture. For that reason today I will take a family shot at your session (even if your bringing your little one just for pictures) regardless if your dressed for the occasion. You never know when a particular picture will be priceless.

OH HOW I love technology and what a wonderful thing it is! So now I can finally put the M. family back together forever. This is why I do photography is to document your life story and history. I HOPE you realize how important a family picture is, and to pull out your camera TODAY and take a family picture.

Here are the two BEFORE pictures and the FINAL TOGETHER family picture!


opinionscount said...

That is so awesome. Great job!

Tracy said...

Wow Jill, I just happended to be looking through your site today and saw this. That's so neat you could do that! It looks so good!
Tracy (Olaveson) Berrett

Christie Smathers said...

Was the dad over seas or did he pass away before the baby was born?




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